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A Michelin-inspired restaurant for a refined dining experience in Budapest. Enhance your senses with international and local flavors in a very elegant setting. A great place to treat yourself after Budapest Half or Full marathon.

Pro-tip: Make reservation.

Quality: Extremely high. Very delicious.

Amount of Food:  So much delicious food! If you like quality food and at the same time want the highest service then choose the Michelin restaurant, Costes Downtown! We ordered 4 dishes but got total 8 dishes because we got small dishes along the way!
I got a artichoke soup with chesse and walnut, grilles parsnip, a delicious sirloin steak with delicious vegtables and finally an incredibly dessert with baked plum and vinilla ice cream!

Value for Money: The price for 4 plus 4 dishes, a bottle of wine and some water was only about 107 euro pr. person!

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