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Mallorca training holiday

"We love traveling to warm destinations and combining our hard training sessions with excellent food and coffee. Aktivfoodie combines two things I enjoy most: running a lot of miles and eating at the most amazing places."



Boston Marathon

"Boston is filled with so many great places such as Row 34 and The Salty Pig. I love combining these foodie places with my marathon there. Some are better for Pre Race and others for Post Race. In my reviews on AktivFoodie, I hope to inspire others a great food experience there too.



Ironman Oceanside

"This has been my start of the season race for the past 3 years. I always combine this race by visiting Swamis and Healthy Choice as they have plant-based food options for me. I always tell people about these places when coming down to the Oceanside area and will continue to recommend it on AktivFoodie.

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Hyderabad, India

Fridaus (Taj Krishna Hotel)

[rwp_users_rating_stars id=”0″] After you get pass the craziness of India; food, culture, and friendly people will excite you. For running in Hyderabad connect with the Hyderabad Running Society or Hyderabad Triathon Club. Many expats through Read more…

San Sebastian

Sakona Coffee Roasters

[rwp_users_rating_stars id=”0″] In the heart of Basque Country you’ll find yourself surrounded by tastes and smells especially at Sakona Coffee. A great latte with in-house roasted beans from Central America surrounded by brunch items with Read more…

San Sebastian

Txirrita Sagardotegia

[rwp_users_rating_stars id=”0″] Cider and Basque cuisine at its finest and very affordable!  A great place to celebrate and relax after San Sebastian Marathon. Great for large groups and pouring your own cider is super cool Read more…


Costes Downtown

[rwp_users_rating_stars id=”0″] A Michelin-inspired restaurant for a refined dining experience in Budapest. Enhance your senses with international and local flavors in a very elegant setting. A great place to treat yourself after Budapest Half or Read more…


Leger Am Dom

Leger Am Dom [rwp_users_rating_stars id=”0″] A more refined experience in Munich compared to other restaurants. Leger Am Dom is perfect if you’re looking for something different than the classical “schnitzel mit pommes” as they serve Read more…



L’Osteria [rwp_users_rating_stars id=”0″] This Italian restaurant, located inside the central station (Hauptbahnhof) serves the huge pizza’s and authentic tasting pasta.  Definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a place to eat good carbs the Read more…